The Pleasures of Tea specializes in tea education and is a purveyor of over 170 specialty loose leaf teas, tea ware, and related tea-themed products. We provide an education in tea through private and group tea tastings, in-home tea tasting parties, and our monthly TPOT Newsletter. Like a fine wine, premium loose leaf teas exhibit many complex characteristics, which can be discovered by learning how to truly taste teas through our hands-on tasting events – please refer to our Services section to view options. Customers may purchase our products through our online store or at the numerous vendor shows that we participate in throughout the year – be sure to check out our show schedule on the home page.

We support and promote a lifestyle that incorporates relaxing rituals to reduce stress and improve well-being, and we believe that preparing and drinking tea is a key element in this lifestyle. Our mission is threefold:

  1. To educate consumers about the variety of specialty loose leaf tea, their unique characteristics, and the associated potential health benefits of consuming tea
  2. To dispel the myths and correct the inaccurate or incomplete information that has been reported about tea by other sources
  3. To be a source of premium specialty loose leaf teas and tea-themed products.

The Pleasures of Tea was established in 2007 in Bohemia, New York and is owned and operated by Kristine Henderson. Kristine started her company in order to share her passion for specialty loose leaf tea, a passion she discovered by accident in 1994. After years of reading everything she could about tea and experiencing as many teas as she could, she decided to formalize her knowledge of tea by enrolling in the Tea Certification Program offered by the Specialty Tea Institute in New York City. After two years of study she completed the first three levels of the program and became a Certified Tea Specialist, which qualifies her as a tea educator and STI Recommended Certified Speaker. For Kristine, tea is a life-long pursuit and she devotes much of her free time in continuing her tea education and experiences through self-study, seminars, travel, and drinking as much tea as she can.

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