Welcome to my blog – my experiences with all things tea! Would love to hear your comments or your own experiences. Enjoy! - Kristine

April 21, 2013

Friday was my tea day in NYC! Met up with my tea friend Melanie and we spent the afternoon conversing and tasting teas with Sebastian from In Pursuit of Tea. We had many rounds of tea – oolongs, a 2013 first flush Darjeeling black tea, a Chinese black tea, 2005(?) Sheng Pu-er, and more (sorry I can’t remember them all)! It truly was a perfect way to spend an afternoon….

       Then we were off to Cha-An, a Japanese tea house, where Melanie and I drank more tea and ordered a few items off the menu. I ordered the Honey Phoenix Oolong, which was aromatic and smooth. Melanie ordered one of the senchas (they offer several). The teas were infused to perfection. The food menu was fairly extensive and we settled on the tea smoked salmon and 6 appetizer assortment. The presentation of both dishes was appealing and they were flavorful and delicious. For dessert we ordered the green tea and azuki bean mochi – nice texture and yummy. I recommend Cha-An for their nice tea and food menu, friendly and attentive staff.


April 2, 2013

Welcome to my blog – my experiences with all things tea! I figured I would start by sharing my experience at the Green Tea, Essence of Japan seminar that I attended in Manhattan on March 28th. Offered by the Japan Foundation - New York, this wonderful seminar discussed several styles of Japanese tea and provided a guided tasting of these teas, which were prepared by a Japanese Tea Master visiting from Kyoto. I was eager to attend the seminar, not only to taste the teas, but also to pick up some tips and techniques that I can use to prepare Japanese teas. The matcha was the only tea we prepared ourselves and it was rich and satisfying, even though I wasn’t able to “froth it to perfection” – need to practice this more. The rest of the teas were prepared by the tea master, but preparation methods were shared, including the ideal equipment to use. The gyokuro and sencha were sweet and delicious. Some of my favorite teas, genmaicha and hojicha, were smooth and savory. What an enjoyable evening, but I was buzzing from all the caffeine!