Ditch the bag and experience tea like never before

The Pleasures of Tea offers several services that are designed to

  1. Educate customers about the many aspects of tea and
  2. That allow customers to get acquainted with our teas

Tea Tasting
Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Then why not a tea tasting! A Tea Tasting conducted by The Pleasures of Tea is a non-sales, semi-formal, yet still fun, approach to learning about and enjoying tea. Tea Tastings can be conducted privately in your home or at your next group or organizational meeting. During your Tea Tasting, your tea consultant will discuss the history of tea, varieties of tea, its components and health benefits, how to prepare loose leaf tea, and more. You will select the teas to be tasted at your event and your consultant will prepare them for you and your guests, while discussing interesting facts about the teas you have selected. Tea Tastings usually last one hour to 1-1/2 hours and can be completely customized based on your needs and interests.

We also offer two tea tasting pairing options: Tea & Bean-to-Bar Artisan Chocolates or Tea & Fine Artisan Cheeses.

There is a per person charge for this service. Rates are determined based on the scope of your event (number of guests, number of teas selected for tasting, travel distance, etc.) Group rates are available. Tea Tastings can also be turned into a fundraising event for your organization. Please contact kristine@pleasuresoftea.com or call 631-278-5755 to discuss the needs for your tea tasting event, rates and additional information.

Consider hosting a Tea Tasting for your next gathering!

Library Tea Tasting Seminar Program
The Pleasures of Tea has designed a series of 16 themed Tea Tasting Seminars especially for the adult program in public libraries. Similar to a wine tasting, each interactive Tea Tasting Seminar is a professionally guided exploration into the vast world of specialty loose leaf tea. Library patrons learn about the different varieties of tea and their unique characteristics, the potential health benefits of tea, history of tea and tea culture, and sample many of the unique teas that are grown around the world. Tea Tasting Seminars last 1-1/2 hours and custom seminars can be created to align with other library initiatives.

Librarians and Program Coordinators - for program information and fees, please contact kristine@pleasuresoftea.com or call 631-278-5755.

Tea Tasting Party
Hosting a Tea Tasting Party is fun and rewarding. Invite your friends and family for an enjoyable afternoon or evening. It's a fun way for women and men to relax and catch up, while learning about specialty loose leaf tea and enjoying the products that The Pleasures of Tea has to offer.

Hosts receive the following rewards:

  • Free tea just for hosting a Tea Tasting Party
  • Credit toward free products (credits are based on level of party sales)
  • Discounts on future orders with The Pleasures of Tea (based on level of party sales)
  • "Host Club" products and specials available only to those whose host a Tea Tasting Party

About the party:
Your tea consultant will prepare five complimentary teas for you and your guests to enjoy, which you select from our specialty loose leaf tea menu. Your consultant will give a brief presentation on tea that includes its history, health benefits, interesting facts on the teas selected for your party, and more. Your guests will each receive The Pleasures of Tea Catalog from which they can order specialty loose leaf tea, tea ware, scone mixes, and other products.

You also have the option to complete your Tea Tasting Party experience by purchasing our scone mixes at a discounted rate. The purchase of scone mixes to be served at your party will count toward your party sales.

Ready for a fun time with your family and friends? Then contact kristine@pleasuresoftea.com or call 631-278-5755 to receive more information on hosting a Tea Tasting Party or book your party date!

Tea Tasting Parties are currently only available in the Long Island, NY area.