I give The Pleasures of Tea my highest recommendation, both for the quality of the products and the level of customer service. You are well-versed about the teas you sell, and I have enjoyed the new teas you've introduced to me. The ease of ordering special requests (like the beautiful gift basket!) via email was especially appreciated. It truly is a pleasure dealing with The Pleasures of Tea.
Joyce - Smithtown, NY

I have tried a number of your teas and they are really delicious hot or iced! I especially love your Black Currant iced!
Adrienne - Bay Shore, NY

While looking for Dragon Well tea, I came across your website. I found the tea I was seeking (the Fine Longjing), and ordered Earl Grey de la Crème and Lemon Green tea as well. I have not tasted the Earl Grey yet, but the other two are wonderful. The aroma of the lemon tea on opening the package was marvelous, and the tea lived up to that wonderful smell!

My order shipped the day after I placed it. I am looking forward to trying more of your teas in the future.
Kate - Paris, Texas

The Pleasures of Tea is wonderful and I am glad to have found it. The personal touch and dedication that Kristine brings to her business is evident in everything she does from her monthly newsletter/website to picking the products that she sells. 

I recently had one of her in-home tea parties and I highly recommend it. Her dedication to making a presentation special and her knowledge of tea, and related subjects, is remarkable and entertaining. You can tell that she genuinely enjoys her job which is something that most of us would love to be able to say.

Wishing you continued success, Kristine, from a fellow tea lover.

Linda - Bay Shore, NY

The Pleasures of Tea is a candy store collection of teas and infusions. Our family, big and small, looks forward to trying new selections and enjoying our favorites both hot and iced. Kristine is passionate about tea and it shows.
Katy - St. James, NY

The Blueberry Cocktail is delicious. It tastes like pure blueberry juice. Tastes delicious iced also.
Deirdre - Stony Brook, NY

My wife and I had the great pleasure of meeting Kristine when she gave a presentation at our local library a few months ago. The presentation she gave was very entertaining and informative and greatly enhanced our knowledge of teas and tea drinking.

A few weeks afterwards we purchased some items from her at a craft fair at a nearby mall and we were very impressed by the variety and quality of the teas and supplies that she offered. All at prices that were very competitive with the much larger tea outlets. We are nearly finished with the teas that we purchased that day and are greatly looking forward to placing our next order with her.

Whether you are a knowledgeable, veteran tea drinker who needs a place to buy a wide variety of teas and supplies at great prices, or someone new to tea drinking who is looking to learn from a friendly and pleasant tea expert, or anyone in between, The Pleasures of Tea is the place to go to enhance the joys of tea drinking! 

John - Huntington Station, NY

I would like to thank you for the experience of your taste-bud-tantalizing teas. They have opened up a whole new world for me. I will never drink mass market teabag teas again! Thank you also for you expert advice and guidance as well as your infinite patience while I sniffed & re-sniffed your samples until I could finally make my selections. As I can never ever decide on one item I am drawn to, I chose several and do not regret any of my choices. Your Pomegranate Cranberry flavored Black tea was one of my fall & winter favorites. I also love the Citrus Green Blend, it is equally refreshing either hot or cold. The Earl Grey de la Crème is a perfect everyday delicious blend. I especially enjoy the "pearl' type teas, Golden Pearl, Jade Green Dragon and Milk Oolong are all amazing. A good evening unwind is a hot cup of Calming Chamomile. 

I look forward to my monthly newsletters which inform me about the many benefits of tea & educate me about the different varieties. Also, they tell me where I can "find" you at local fairs and events to get some more delicious tea for my growing passion!

Linda - Patchogue, NY